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The Valentine's 'Richmond Style' featured in Google's international online fashion exhibit "Liberty Dress" from CCH Collection owned and designed by sisters Alston Armfield and Carter Johnston. In the fall of 2014, CCH Collection opened its flagship store on Grove Avenue in Richmond. Richmonder Catherine Robertson Claiborne chose this beaded silk chiffon and silk evening gown from Saks Fifth Avenue to attend a farewell dinner honoring her father, Walter S. Robertson, for his service as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs. Handpainted 1909 Virginia State Seal in the Valentine collection with Virtus, the goddess of virtue. A collection from the Valentine is among more than 400 exhibits and stories in an online collaborative fashion history, "We Wear Culture: The Stories Behind What We Wear," on the Google Arts & Culture platform. The Valentine's study of the influence of Greek and Roman dress on hundreds of years of Richmond fashion, "Classical Allure: Richmond Style," is available now for virtual viewing. It was featured at the Valentine from May 2015 to January 2016.

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